Hydrotherapy Pool - Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre

Hydrotherapy Pool

water-therapyLeichhardt Park Aquatic Centre is pleased to promote the availability of our multi purpose pool for warm water therapy.


The new multi purpose hydrotherapy pool is an indoor, 18 x 8 meter pool, heated to 31-32 degrees Celsius, the air temperature are also heated. This pool has a ramp into the water, as well as handrails to walk directly into the water without the need for steps. The pool is easily accessible for people with disabilities or wheelchair bound clients, as there is a lift and ramps from the foyer down to pool level. This multi-purpose pool is also used for a variety of programs at the centre.

Along with daily exercise classes for seniors and aquarobics within the existing program, the new pool provides an additional facility to assist those in the community needing hydrotherapy for rehabilitation and well being.

The new hydrotherapy pool also has designated lanes available for hire by accredited Health Specialists to enable them to undertake hydrotherapy programs with their clients at a fee of $38 per lane per hour.

Leichhardt Council has approved an extension to the hours available for Hydrotherapy by the public and for hire by health professionals.

Current Hours available Click Here

This time table will be adjusted according to seasonal and operational demand.

LPAC currently has James Shute an onsite exercise physiologist whom can tailor a personalised hydrotherapy program, great for people rehabilitating from injuries, those with joint problems and pre and post natal. To book in with James Shute email him at jamess@lmc.nsw.gov.au or call the centre (02) 9555 8344.  James is also taking expressions of interest for a warm water therapy based group exercise class, to learn more email him on the address above. To learn more about exercise physiology click here.  

For further information on Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre please visit us at www.lpac.nsw.gov.au or contact us at (02) 9555 8344.

To arrange a tour of the centre, or to enquire about the facilities at Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre please contact Lance Goldsmith at the centre on 9555 8344.