Aqua - Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre


aquaLPAC offers a fantastic Aquarobics program with 19 classes a week.          

Aquarobics is an excellent  form of "impact free" exercises targeting balance, agility, posture, increased strength and  toning as well as a cardio component for general fitness benefits.

Water based activites are beneficial for everyone including pregnant women, older adults and for rehabilitation of injuries.

Classes range from Shallow water, Deep water, Hydro and also Seniors.

Classes are held in indoor and outdoor pools. All pools are heated.

Our lite pace and most seniors classes are held in the hydrotherapy pool with a temperature of 31 degrees. Perfect for arthritis and injury rehabilitation clients.  The use of barbells and noodle aids buoyancy and toning. 

No complicated choreography, just motivation, great music and good FUN!


A workout in the outdoor pool utilising not only the water itself but the pool bottom as a resistance to increase cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength, definition and flexibility. Aqua fitness equipment may be used to enhance these benefits. Suitable for all. Duration 55 minutes.


Gentle exercise in the water for beginners, those rehabilitating injuries, with arthritis or those who don’t feel confident in deep water. This class is held in a fully covered Program Pool, heated at 31 degrees. A great way to begin or enhance an existing exercise program. Duration is 45 minutes.


A great workout in deep water. Buoyancy belts may be used as floatation and back support. This is a NON impact class delivering similar benefits as shallow water Aqua. Suitable for all fitness levels, however, water confidence is required.  Duration is 1 hour.

Seniors AQUA (PP) – Indoor Program Pool & HYDROTHERAPY Pool

Similar to Shallow Water (above), but designed specifically for seniors and working at a lighter pace.  Duration is 45 minutes.


Power Aqua is a full intensity cardio workout.  This rugged water workout is sure to make you sweat even in the water.  Suitable for everyone.  Duration is 45 minutes.