New Technogym Cardio Equipment - Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre

New Technogym Cardio Equipment

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EXCITING NEWS!!!  IT'S HERE!! To see the latest top of the line Artis range cardio equipment click on this link  

Wellness on the Go consists of a ground-breaking personalised experience allowing users to access to their training programs, data track record and personal content and apps on Technogym equipment - everywhere in the world -, at work, at home or “on the go” thanks to the my wellness mobile app and web portal.

LPAC will be offering the quintessence of exercise equipment to members thanks to a complete line of equipment for the gym of the future: ARTIS.

Technogym’s ARTIS is the first collection of 30 products for cardio, strength and functional training which ensures the utmost in terms of Made in Italy, design, biomechanical engineering, interactive technology and eco-sustainability.

More on ARTIS exclusive features

The five units making up the ARTIS Cardio Collection range from traditional to innovative self-adaptive total body movements: Vario, Recline, Run, Bike and Synchro. With 19 selectorised units, ARTIS Strength Collection offers each user the ideal pieces of equipment to target the right muscles in order to achieve their goals.

Seamless design: Through clean, minimal lines and reduced structural size, ARTIS equipment adds a unique touch of elegance to the facility setting. With unique seamless design and inspiring frameless geometry, it helps to capture the senses and allows members to move naturally and feel at ease in a quiet, non-intimidating environment. ARTIS shapes inspire a new gym layout concept in which spaces are defined by combining equipment with furnishings to create training islands of different sizes – thus evoking a sensation of confidence and freedom.

Design patent: ARTIS equipment is patent pending by virtue of its distinctive aesthetic features. ARTIS won the Red Dot Design Award in 2014 along with other international design honours.

Connectivity: ARTIS Cardio interface options provide you with connectivity options that are immensely beneficial for your business and help to fully integrate and personalise your members' training experience through mywellness cloud. All interfaces feature Wi-Fi and LAN connections, NFC (RFID) and QR code technologies, as well as USB and iPod/iPhone connectivity. On ARTIS Strength, the 7" display provides clear visual feedback while training, including a final score (a 0-100 mark, also converted into MOVEs) at the end of each workout that provides further motivation for users to improve.

The best suited interface for everyone: UNITY™ is a tablet-like interface based on the latest Android platform that enables a fully web-connected personal experience. UNITY can keep track of your preferred personal entertainment options such as TV and radio channels as well as the most useful training features.

A host of apps via mywellness® cloud open platform: UNITY™ is connected to mywellness® cloud, Technogym’s open platform where operators can access a complete set of professional apps to manage their members’ lifestyle inside and outside the gym. The Technogym app store offers ready-made applications created by Android developers and certified by Technogym to design truly unique user experiences.

Optimal view thanks to certified display position: ARTIS is the first and only line of cardio equipment to have implemented the results of an in-depth scientific analysis regarding user interface ergonomics ("Development of a structured protocol to determine multimedia screen position on CV equipment" published by the International Journal of Sports Science and Engineering).

Fast Track Control™ with visual set up: Simple and easy to use, the Fast Track Control™ levers allow members to select speed/incline without interfering with the rhythm of their workout. Swift Tiptronic regulation on ARTIS Run makes for intuitive adjustment at different speed intensities for on-the-fly interval training.

All inclusive ergonomic dashboard: The large ergonomic dashboard is tailored to user needs, providing easy-to-reach storage slots for drinking bottles and personal effects as well as a USB port and plug-in points for personal devices such as an MP3 player, iPhone/iPod, or earphones.

Direct drive (patent pending): A ground-breaking feature never seen before on Strength equipment. A rigid shaft transmits weight stack resistance directly to the levers, delivering an exceptionally fluid feeling to the user. The Direct Drive system not only places ARTIS a step ahead of the pack in  workout quality,  but the reduction of  pulleys and the stress on cables also ensures longer equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.

Optimal grip: The ergonomic design of the handgrips, shaped around the geometry of the user's hands, evenly distributes the load during push and pull movements. Surface finishing improves the grip and the notches on the grip act as a tactile and visual guide to achieving symmetrical hand positioning.

Bodyprint system (patented): All paddings of the anatomically shaped seat and two-piece backrest are made of special high density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of each body, providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilizing effect during exercise.

Visual set up: All machines settings - buttons, levers, pins and the patent pending "Visual Flag" markers - are bright yellow and easily recognised, so that even inexperienced members will be able to set up machines to their settings on their own.

Sustainability, Recycle human energy: All ARTIS equipment (except Run) with 15.6” TV screens can be powered by human energy, whilst maintaining the same training experience and perceived effort offered by electrically powered equipment.

Sustainability, Renew energy: All ARTIS equipment (except Run) is available with energy harvesting technology in which human energy is fed directly into the building’s grid to help power the gym. No dedicated component, no extra wiring, and no extra costs needed.

Sustainability, Reduce energy consumption: The innovative brushless motor technology on ARTIS Run, combined with low friction materials used on the deck and the belt, reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to Excite®+ Run Now, the previous best-in-class treadmill in the market.

Sustainability, Recycle human energy: All the energy required to power the interface comes directly from the kinetic energy of the user. No added wiring is required to transform the Strength training area into an interactive experience for club members. This way, you reduce wiring costs and you are also free to choose the best layout for your Strength equipment while remaining flexible for the future.