Cardio, Strength and Toning



This class teaches the correct lifting techniques used in Pump. Come and learn the fundamentals of each move so you can get pumped too! This class is recommended to all those new to Pump.


Is a fun, motivating simple to follow workout that gets you into fantastic shape fast. Pump is a non-impact class designed to give your body a complete workout using barbells and weights to music.


A high energy, low choreography, intensive workout. This class combines old style simple aerobics and cross-training; non contact tae bo style boxing; strength and cardio work. This is a fantastic workout for the whole body. The class can either be done hi or low impact. 
A reasonable fitness level required for participation.


Punch! Jab! Hook! Kick! The fat away. Fight your way to overall fitness and the body shape you deserve.   Body Combat is a martial arts workout combining Karate, Boxing & Tai Chi to name a few in a fun low impact aerobic workout for beginners and advanced alike.  


Abs, Butts & Thighs our old favourite. An intense warm-up followed by a blasting of “the bits.” For the body conscious, this is the class for you! 


A great class essentially working both the upper and lower body. A stimulating and effective class that burns fat and increases cardivascular fitness. A full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. This is a great class to relieve stress. An intense workout suitable for all levels of fitness. 


(Hard Core Training)  A high intensity circuit style class using simple but effective moves and exercises.  Similar to an indoor boot camp involving lots of cross training.  This class gives you a great workout combining cardiovascular exercise with strength training. 

30min AB's Express 

After warming up your muscles the focus will be on strengthening your core muscles.  This quick workout will strengthen your abdominals and lower back.  A great class to add to any workout to help you achieve the six pack you are after.