Wellness - Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre


wellnessOur Wellness Lifestyle philosophy puts the focus back on people. Exercise, a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude are the foundations of emotional and physical wellbeing. Our personal approach to fitness is aimed at helping people integrate all aspects of wellness into their lives in a way that is unique to each one and in line with personal needs and aspirations.


An intelligent nurturing, non-competitive way of bringing all aspects of our lives and ourselves into balance and harmony. Has major therapeutic value and is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions.


Is a slightly more strenuous form of yoga where you will test your muscles by holding postures for longer   periods. Suitable for men and women of all ages.


Vinyasa means "breath - synchronised with movement".  You move from one pose to the next with the breath leading your movement ensuring the poses flow together smoothly and seamlessly.  This style of yoga is alignment orientated to maximise benefits and minimise the possibility of injury.


A combination of energy block release movements, graceful yet powerful sequences, breath work and relaxation.  Dru Yoga relieves stress, builds resilience and conditions the body.

YOGA (power)

is a modern fitness based yoga practice. It is an energetic yoga class designed to pump up the heart rate, build internal heat and improve overall fitness. Yoga poses are performed in a flowing sequence while connecting the breath to movement. The benefits of power yoga are both physical and mental benefits as it focuses on building strength, endurance and determination. If you're looking for a yoga workout to fire up the body and mind then try the Power Yoga.


Mind/body series of exercises performed slowly and controlled. Geared to improve posture, restore balance, align the body, relieve muscular tension/stress by targeting the abdominal and back muscles. Suitable for all. However pregnant women who have had no pilates experience are strongly advised not to take this class.


This is an exciting new class designed to strengthen the problematic area of the core. In this class you will learn how to activate and train the important core stabilisers that support the spine and work the body in a functional way utilising the Fitball. This class is a must for post natal women, bad back suffers, people wanting to improve imbalance and posture and sports people wishing to improve their core strength and get the most from their Fitball workouts.